Rhode Island Republican Party Reaffirms Support for President Trump Amidst New York Court Verdict

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND-Today, the Rhode Island Republican Party stands firmly with President Donald J. Trump following the New York court’s decision. We believe in the integrity of our legal system and have full confidence that justice will prevail through the appeals process.

Chairman Joe Powers, along with the RI Republican Party , expressed unequivocal support for President Trump and his confidence in the judicial system, echoing President Trump’s sentiments and remains steadfast in our belief that the truth will emerge “Today’s ruling is a part of what President Trump has accurately described as a ‘witch hunt.’ This relentless pursuit of President Trump is an attempt to undermine his achievements and distract from the real issues facing our nation” Chairman Powers stated. “We trust that the higher courts will overturn this politically motivated decision. Our faith in the judicial system remains strong, and we believe that justice will be served in the end”.

Chairman Powers also emphasized the importance of unity within the party, the need to stay focused and called on the Party’s members and supporters to rally behind President Trump during this time. “This is a crucial moment for our party and our country, we must remain vigilant and united, stand together, show our unwavering support for President Trump and our commitment to upholding the principles of justice and fairness”. He finishes by saying,  “The ultimate verdict will be on November 5th”


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