Chairman Joe Powers Condemns Pro-Palestinian Protests on College Campuses

Warwick, Rhode Island – Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Joe Powers issued a statement today condemning the recent hateful wave of pro-Palestinian protests on and off college campuses across the state and country. Chairman Powers along with many Rhode Islanders expressed deep concerns over the escalating tensions and anti-Israel sentiments that have characterized these protests, calling them divisive and hateful. 

“It is deeply troubling to see the rise of anti-Israel rhetoric and protests on our college campuses,” Chairman Powers said. “These protests not only perpetuate a false, one-sided narrative but also create a hostile environment for Jewish and pro-Israel students.” He goes on to say “My fear is that this will lead to uncontrollable retaliation and those who  planned these protests will never be brought to light to answer for their actions.”

Chairman Powers is calling on university and college administrators, such as Brown University, to gain control of their campuses and bring the protest to an end and to hold those who perpetrated the protests accountable.

“Despite what you may have heard from the likes of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, these protests were never meant to be “peaceful”, they were meant to incite hate and create separation” Chairman Powers said. “It is crucial that college administration bring these protests to an end and hold all who participated, faculty, staff and students alike accountable for their actions.”

The Rhode Island Republican Party stands in solidarity with Israel and supports efforts to promote peace and stability in the region.


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