“As a parent, our most important responsibility is to raise good kids, and protect them as best we can, from the evils that surround them while growing up. Critical Race Theory is one such evil. It is an attempt by the left to divide our country against itself. In traditional Marxism, this was done through class. With CRT, race is used. CRT is a lie perpetuated by the left to get schools to trade the hearts, souls, and minds of our kids for political gain….with schools and other woke, self-loathing whites and rich blacks being the “Useful Idiots” in this example. Those who feel the ruling class is on their side will eventually find out that it is not. CRT distorts history, in essence, billing white people for events of some 150+ years ago, while making all of our kids; white, black, brown, yellow, and red, write the check, not with money but with their hearts, minds, and souls.

We will not allow it.

CRT and its proponents teach our kids that accountability, hard work, grit, and tenacity are non-factors in the success or failure of a person…that race is the only determining factor…that people of color are systematically oppressed by white people in all phases of our society. Kids of color are taught that, since the deck is so stacked against them, it is fruitless to try and get ahead on one’s own…It is a cyclical self-fulfilling prophecy, where many young black kids remain in the cycle of poverty because those whom their parents and grandparents have trusted for decades tell them that’s where they belong. CRT teaches kids of color that the only way they can achieve excellence is with artificially-engineered, equitable outcomes…that they don’t have what it takes to succeed on their own. We all know this is garbage and it is poison. It is also un-American, and it is insulting.

I have been fighting the teaching of the tenets and pillars of CRT in Westerly Public Schools for a year now. In spite of constant denials by the superintendent, assistant superintendent, school committee, and the local teacher’s union president, the mountain of evidence I have accumulated is overwhelming. We have implicit teacher/staff bias training, which demeans, belittles, and threatens good teachers into admitting that, if white, they come from privilege, and must submit to new ways of teaching to artificially level the playing field. We have at least one sophomore class which teaches kids how to demonstrate and become good little social justice warriors. We have a teacher who took her own radical, Marxist views, and constructed a Westerly Public Schools’ Anti-Racism Policies and Practices Google survey, using district equipment and school email to get her unsubstantiated trash out. It turns out that she also lied about it being from the district. This survey is about her radical beliefs. Nothing was done to her. We have at least two rogue teachers who have singled out, demeaned, disciplined, and silenced their own students who dare disagree with them politically. The district denies these events ever happened.

At the July 14th Westerly School Committee meeting, I presented a resolution which, if enacted, would have prohibited WPS from teaching divisive concepts, based on racism and sexism, to our kids. At the previous meeting, on June 28th, all members of the school committee stated that they felt there was no place for CRT in our schools. Then, at the July 14th meeting, they shot down my resolution unanimously, going totally against what they had said back in June. After the meeting, I came into possession of a July 13th email, which I sent you, involving the school committee Chair, Superintendent Garceau, his principals, other district administrators, the teachers union head, and teachers, encouraging them all to pack the meeting, which they did, and speak against my resolution. An airtight case of collusion if there ever was one. The SC Chair, Ms Bowdy, was to lead a discussion on my resolution prior to the vote. There was no discussion, as 18 consecutive speakers got up in a well-planned hit job against me and my resolution. Neither I, nor any of my supporters, knew of a sign-up sheet to speak. But our opponents did. By the time I was able to speak, it was two hours into the meeting. When the Chair had heard enough from me, she summoned an officer to have me removed, if I didn’t stand down immediately. The dirty “Westerly Way”.

I continue to seek information through the district via APRA requests (public records requests), with Judicial Watch, the largest public records litigator in the country, representing me on this. The district was trying to charge me $9,000 for this information. This is not a surprise, as this information will be very damaging for many, and even career-ending for some. They are desperate to keep this from me. We won’t let that happen. Some info has begun to trickle in, but the damaging stuff is due back on August 26th and September 1st.

This is what we are up against. Our opponents will do anything, say anything, and hurt anyone who tries to stand in the way of their agenda being implemented. They circle the wagons. They lie. They care about power and nothing else. They certainly don’t care about our kids. They want us to trust them, and have us believe that they have the best interests of our kids at heart. They do not. Our kids are nothing but a means to an end for them. CRT teaches our kids to hate themselves, each other, and our country. This is a concept I do not accept, and neither should anyone else.

THIS is why I fight, and why I will never stop fighting for our kids, our state, and our great country.

Robert Chiaradio

— copied from Mr. Chiaradio’s post on the ‘Stop School Indoctrination Now’ Facebook page, August 13, 2021 at 3:04 p.m.    (( ))

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