The chaos in Afghanistan makes clear what we all already knew: Joe Biden is incapable to lead and we are less safe because of him. This isn’t conjecture, but proven fact – through his administration’s decisive inaction, inexperience, and poor choices.

Biden said “…the buck stops with him”, yet has proceeded to blame everyone else for the chaos in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the chaos in Afghanistan is a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed policies and lack thereof (or simply poor) decision making.  As a result, the Taliban is now dictating terms to the United States of America – and Joe Biden is letting them get away with it.  Even the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, admitted that the successful evacuation of Americans depends on the Taliban’s cooperation.

Joe Biden has left Americans to fend for themselves, placing stranded Americans on the clock – will Biden really leave Americans behind?  We don’t know the true answer because Biden has repeatedly refused to face questions over his botching of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  For months Biden and his administration have promised the withdrawal from Afghanistan wouldn’t be chaotic. Clearly, they were wrong.  Clearly, they lied to the American People.  When will this policy of lies and deceit finally end?

We suggest IMMEDIATELY, for the sake of those Americans stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.  BRING HOME OUR AMERICAN FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, TODAY, Mr. President!

There are now 12 dead Marines and Soldiers (and the toll is rising).

Joe Biden’s ‘decision’ has put Americans and our brave military in harm’s way.

This needs to be laid at his feet.

Stay Informed

Republican Party of

Rhode Island