The Rhode Island Republican Party is committed to resolving the issues that are facing every Rhode Islander. That is why we will continue to fight for jobs in Rhode Island, Lower Taxes, Immigration Reform, and Ethics & Transparency in government.


All Rhode Islanders deserve a quality job that rewards them with fair pay and provides families with the financial support they need. Rhode Island Republicans know that the only way our state’s dismal economic environment can be turned around is through massive economic reform that sends the message to entrepreneurs and companies around the globe that the Ocean State is open for business.

One of the key aspects to quality economic development is providing support for small businesses. Small and family-owned businesses make up the vast majority of employers and job providers in our state, and their growth is crucial to Rhode Island’s financial future. Under Democratic leadership, our state has experienced an increase of inexcusable and destructive regulations that have made it incredibly difficult for small businesses to grow or even start. High tax burdens have also forced businesses to choose between raising prices for Rhode Island consumers or laying off workers. Republicans know these kinds of policies do not grow economies; they destroy them. We pledge to create a business climate that supports businesses of every size and makes our state one of the most attractive destinations for businesses in the country.

To encourage business growth and job creation we propose the following:

1. A competitive sales tax and tax code in line with neighboring states.
2. Establish R.I. as a “right to work” state.
3. Elimination of corporate bailouts.
4. Conducting a complete review of all business regulations and modifying or eliminating any that pose an undue burden on small business.
5. Simplifying the regulatory process for businesses, allowing businessmen and businesswomen to focus on growing their companies rather than appeasing bureaucrats at the state capitol.

Lowering Taxes

You work hard for your money and you deserve to keep more of it in your pocket. Unfortunately, Democrats who have been running our state for decades don’t agree. Rhode Island has one of the highest tax burdens in the country. Is it fair that you pay more in property taxes, gasoline taxes, and a higher sales tax rate than most other Americans? The money you could be saving for hard times, for a college education for your children, or for your future retirement is being wasted on programs that are designed to build an unnecessary bureaucracy rather than help people in need.

The Rhode Island Republican Party is committed to fair tax rates that fund necessary programs for the poor while also keeping as much money as possible in your pocket. You worked for it, and you should keep it. We also believe that the money you do pay in taxes needs to be spent wisely with checks and balances that ensure that your money is going where it should.

Taxes are a necessary part of running a successful community, but the tax policies enacted by the Democrat Party have been irresponsible and destructive. Rhode Island Republicans have a different plan. We want to empower Rhode Islanders by letting you decide how your own money should be spent rather than giving that right to politicians in the state capital.

Immigration Reform

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants, and we understand that immigration reform is at its heart about helping families accomplish the American dream. Our nation and state have been strengthened by the inclusion of people from all over the world whose hard work, talent, and unique perspectives have contributed to our economy and enriched our culture. The Republican Party encourages all newcomers legally among us and wishes to assist them in their journey to full citizenship.

The United States is also a nation of laws. Our government must secure our borders and points of entry to ensure that our citizens of every race and ethnicity are kept safe. Concurrently, we must engage in open and honest bipartisan debate that results in the modernization of immigration laws and the creation of a fair and effective immigration system that will protect both the sovereignty of our country and the welfare of immigrants currently being exploited.

The Republican Party understands that our current immigration system makes it difficult for many people to enter the country legally and quickly. This is why we support increased avenues for legal entry, a streamlined process for permanent citizenship, and the opportunity for all of our nation’s populace to achieve the American dream.

Ethics and Transparency

The Rhode Island Republican Party strongly supports ethics, transparency, and accountability in government. High ethical standards must be met by all public officials as an essential part of assuring integrity in the policy making process. Unfortunately, our state has earned failing grades in this area. Rhode Island received a “D-” for government spending transparency according to the fourth annual report by the RIPIRG Education Fund.

The General Assembly has been controlled by Democrats for over 75 years, and the Democrat Party currently controls approximately 90% of our legislature. Their power is almost absolute, and they have used it for decades to create a culture of corruption and destructive decision-making. For far too long, government officials have used their offices for political and personal gain, a reality that is reflected in the low rankings the state has received in key areas related to transparency and accountability.

Republicans pledge to create a new culture in Rhode Island. If given the opportunity, we will create objective checks and balances on all political activities in the state and hold those who abuse their powers responsible for their unethical actions. We want to clean up Rhode Island’s corrupt political culture and make our state one of the most transparent in the nation.

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