Republican Leaders Renew Calls for Independent Inspector General

Providence, RI – Yesterday, Republican Party of Rhode Island Chairman, Joe Powers, along with Senate Republican Leader Jessica de la Cruz and House Republican Leader Michael Chippendale renewed calls to establish the Office of the Inspector General. 

The Republican Leaders highlighted the urgency and importance of establishing an independent watchdog entity to oversee and ensure the proper utilization of public resources, safeguarding against fraud, misuse, and inefficiencies within the state’s systems.

“Rhode Islanders deserve to feel assured that those entrusted with steering the ship of our state are held accountable for their actions,” said Republican Party of Rhode Island Chairman Joe Powers. “By establishing an Inspector General’s Office, we chart a course toward a future where Rhode Islanders can place their unwavering trust in the integrity of our governance.” 

Senate Minority Leader Jessica de la Cruz expressed the urgency of establishing an Office of the Inspector General. Remarking on the lessons lost by the lack of such an agency, she asked, “How much more confidence would the public have in the ability to satisfactorily resolve issues we currently face, including the sudden closure of the I-195 bridge, if we had pro-actively invested in an office tasked with robust oversight and transparency in our governance?”

“This office would serve as a guardian of public trust, ensuring that any waste, fraud or abuse of power within our government structure is thoroughly and fairly investigated and reformed,” said House Republican Leader Michael Chippendale. “The time for an Office of Inspector General – an independent entity with the authority to investigate any issue across all corners of government – is NOW.”


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