Whitehouse’s Glaring Omission of Term Limits for Members of Congress

Warwick, RI –Republican Party of Rhode Island Chairman Joe Powers released the following statement in response to Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s legislation to establish term limits for Supreme Court Justices:

“Senator Whitehouse’s glaring omission to include term limits for members of Congress is a clear indication that he is more interested in capitulating to the most extreme members of his Party than finding real bipartisan solutions. The absence of term limits for Congress results in entrenched career politicians, often disconnected from the real needs and concerns of their constituents.

Furthermore, this selective focus on term limits for the Supreme Court raises concerns about the intent to stack the Court with extreme justices. By pushing for term limits on the Court while neglecting similar measures for Congress, Senator Whitehouse may be prioritizing political agendas over the impartiality of our judiciary.

Any serious discussion on term limits must address the United States Congress to ensure that our government remains by the people and for the people, rather than serving the interests of career politicians. Our forefathers intended for us to have and maintain three separate, but equal, branches of government, outside of the confirmation period, members of the legislative branch should not be allowed to limit the powers of the judicial branch. We must uphold the intent of our founding fathers, which is to refrain from imposing regulations upon the judicial branch.”


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