Rhode Island: A State of Embarrassment

Today, the Ethics Commission voted to investigate Governor Dan McKee for accepting a free lunch from a lobbyist. While enjoying a free lunch, McKee also accepted campaign donations from a state vendor. 

Republican Party of R.I. Chairman Joe Powers has the following comments:

“I would like to thank the Ethics Commission for launching an investigation into Governor McKee for their unethical conduct. The Ethics Commission needs to expose Rhode Island’s pay-to-play political culture.” 

“What has happened in this state in the last sixty days is embarrassing. We have a governor, a house speaker and two top administration officials under an ethics investigation. We have a state senator, who keyed a car and lied to police about it, be allowed to keep his committee chairmanship by a senate president who keyed a car in the past. We have a state representative, who leads the finance committee, accept an illegal loan for his campaign. Lastly, we have a lieutenant governor whose campaign team forged names and is under a criminal investigation. Rhode Island is in a state of embarrassment.  


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