Chairman Joe Powers Excoriates President Dominick Ruggerio’s Inaction Over State Senator Joshua Miller’s Charges

WARWICK, RI – Republican Party of Rhode Island Chairman Joe Power released the following statement after twenty-five days of inaction from State Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio:

“It has been twenty-five days since State Senator Joshua Miller was arrested and charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property. Last week, Cranston’s City Solicitor Christopher Millea confirmed that Miller will face an additional obstruction charge. Yet, President Dominick J. Ruggerio has refused to take any action to address the behavior of State Senator Joshua Miller. 

There are a few remedies President Ruggerio can take to address Miller’s vandalism and obstruction charges. One, he can remove him from his chairmanship and committee assignments; and two, ask for his immediate resignation.

Where is the disciplinary action from Democratic Leadership? Now that a member of their party is facing charges for vandalizing a constituent’s vehicle, Ruggerio is not interested in taking any action.

It is unfair to the constituents of the 28th Senate District to have someone that has utter disdain for individuals that disagree with him politically. As an elected official, he owes it to his constituents to represent everyone in his district, not only those in his party.

As a reminder to President Ruggerio, leadership and constituent concerns are always in session. 

It’s called integrity.”


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